“Your problem,” he said. “Is that men are intimidated by sexually assertive women.” Uh no, Nothing would arouse us (men) more than to have a hawt woman (catwoman or batgirl type) grab us by the collar, pull us into a dark corner, and say “eat me out, now.” 99% of straight and bi men (and probably quite a few gay men as well) put in that situation would immediately drop to their knees without saying a word. It is all a matter of how the woman in question is assertive, and, lets be honest, how she appeals. Though, the average woman is more than appealing enough. There is a difference between saying “kiss me” and “take off your pants.” Svutlov PS Why no Batwoman? Is it because she is a Lesbian? She is DC’s main character at the moment.

on November 10, 2009 at 12:22 pm Ersatz Reader Yum. Good writing is like going through a Tunnel of Love at an amusement park. You know that nothing really bad will happen to you as the little swan boat follows the twists and turns of the tunnel and you admire each lit-up set that someone has put there to amaze you and when you come out you want to take the ride again.

on November 11, 2009 at 9:40 pm Mark Another great column. But I think you use the wrong parallel with Catwoman, it’s WAY more complicated than that. Batman isn’t intimidated by Catwoman at all. He’s intrigued by her. He hasn’t yet figured out why he can’t dismiss her as just another criminal like the Joker, the Riddler, or Venom, and the rest of his rogues gallery. She is obviously is very appealing to him, but he has dealt with attraction before and brushed it aside. Yet, Catwoman is not afraid of Batman, and she playfully teases him everytime they meet. That is compelling to the Dark Knight in a way that taunting by his other enemies hardly even registers with him. Catwoman has her own obsessions which mirror his own, like hanging out at night like he does, and using an animal for inspiration for what she does like Batman uses a bat for what he does.

Catwoman, in turn, is just as intrigued with Batman. She is quite used to getting her way with men in just about every way. If she fights a man, her gifted skills allows her to prevail just about everytime. But she has tangled with Batman numerous times and loses everytime (even though she manages to get away sometimes). She can also get into a man’s head sexually and pull his strings with ease, but she has never been able to do that with Batman to the point she wants to. He will bend, but never break, allowing them to occasionally engage each other sexually but never to the point where each will forget about that which drives them. Batman is a man and has urges like any other but uses a strict disipline to never allow that to interfere with his war on crime. Catwoman will not give up her life of thievery, and Batman will not give his sworn duty to rid Gotham of criminals. And yet, they make an exception for each other. Why is that? What is the sex appeal here?

I think it’s that they challenge each other, and try to get each other to come out of their character to be more acceptable to the other. They can’t quite do that yet, and that’s what makes this dance fun and always fascinating. They sense this bond within each other, and are not in a rush to bring it to an end.

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